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Learn how a partnership with CCSalesPro can help you identify and recruit the right sales professionals for your merchant services team.
Explore our various training options.  These include white labelled and custom branded video training / hosting.  We also provide live / remote or in person sessions with James.
Building a team and training them is a waste of time if they don't close deals.  CCSalesPro can work with you to create the right strategy to increase deal count.


  • White Labelled: Gain access to our huge video library which includes the 6-week jump-start program.  This is a great option for smaller ISOs.  The white label subscription allows them to provide a full-training library resource to their team and a structured 6-week program for new recruits.
  • Custom Branded: Partner with James as he creates a custom training outline for you and provides videos with your logo.  Training one agent at a time can be expensive in our industry.  Leverage our content team to create the right video program for your entire team; cut costs with our unlimited access monthly subscription.
  • Live: Schedule a live session with James either in-person or remotely.  Role playing, kick-off events, and even structured training programs can be completed remotely.  If in-person is better for your situation, fly James to your event to provide a keynote speech or other in-person training.

Statement Analysis

  • Quick Quote Tool: Provide approximate savings proposals to smaller merchants in minutes.  Once we load in your Schedule A's and pricing criteria, your agents can complete on-the-spot proposals for merchants from common business types under $50K per month in volume.
  • Custom Side by Side Proposals: Our flexible, branded solutions allow you to provide an accurate, side-by-side proposal via email, print (PDF), or on-site (HTML) with any device.  Proposals are fully customized with logos and color schemes.  They can also include other marketing slicks, images, and copy.
  • User / Team Management: Control pricing, margin and user access from one dashboard where you can create teams, edit user permissions, view reporting, and more.  Give team leaders or statement analysis experts the ability to override price controls and collaborate with agents to get deals done.

Advertising / Promotion

  • Quote Tool: Thousands of independent agents use our free quote tool to provide proposals to merchants each month.  Put your ad in front of the right agent with our advertising platform. Target agents based on criteria related to the deal they are working.
  • This advertising opportunity is for serious inquiries only - available to a select few ISOs. is visited by 5,000+ agents each month who come to learn about the payments industry.  We rarely run ads of any kind.  However, sponsors might be considered if the company is the right fit.
  • Content Marketing: We create unique and custom partnerships with brands we trust.  Leverage James’ personal brand, social media reach, and email list to promote your offer to the ISO world.  And get help creating educational content that says what you want to say in a way that gets others to listen.
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