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Derek says:

The Pro Club offers incredibly valuable training videos and live webinars that most ISOs simply do not provide, and the Facebook group provides a great forum for discussion and fellowship. 

Chris says:

The Pro Club has been an incredible asset to me. James and his staff go above and beyond to make sure that this truly is the best training available to merchant service professionals. The fact that I can go online and ask a professional a question and get a genuine answer in return (James even shot a video about one of the questions I asked) is just such an huge amount of value that is being provided. I feel I am a part of a really small community of professionals online and everyone is remarkably friendly and supports each other. I’ve already learned so much and I look toward to checking each and every morning as I know that there will always be fresh posts to study up on!
Why Join the Pro Club?
My name is James Shepherd.  I have trained over 2,000 merchant sales professionals and run the leading provider of merchant sales training and technology in the industry.  My consulting practice has consulted for dozens of ISOs in the industry.  Thanks for checking out our Pro Club!  In this 2 min video, I explain why every merchant sales professional should try our Pro Club.
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Get exclusive, daily tips from James.  Ask questions to our community of merchant sales professionals.  Over 70% of our members make at least one post or comment each week.  If you are looking for a thriving community of sales professionals that are focused on growing their portfolio, this is it!
Monthly Workshops
Each month, we spend 2 to 4 hours diving deep into an important merchant sales topic.  Join us live, or watch the replay.  We cover Cash Discounting, Surcharging, Selling Technology, Portfolio Value, Online Marketing, Lead Generation and many more topics.  Each month we cover something new, in depth.
Video Training Library
Our best training courses are locked into a private, searchable, learning management system exclusively for ProClub Members.  Want to learn how to read merchant statements?  Looking for advanced closing techniques or the latest industry news?  Pro Club is guaranteed to be your best resource of answers to all your industry questions.
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