What your merchant portfolio is worth and how to sell it!
These simple tips will help you maximize portfolio value and find a buyer.
Get Answers to Questions Like...
How much is my portfolio really worth?
Selling a merchant residual portfolio is one of the biggest financial decisions a merchant sales rep or ISO can make.  You need to understand the value of your portfolio and what affects this value.
Do I own my portfolio?
Many agents don't own their residuals.  Therefore, they don't have the option of selling them.  They often don't realize this fact until it is too late.  Learn how to check your agreements to confirm ownership.
What is an "earn-out"?
Should you try to maximize your up-front payment or go for a long term earn out?  It depends on several factors.  We cover each factor in detail.  Structuring your buyout is just as important as the multiple.
note from the author
" Having completed 7 merchant residual buyouts myself, I know exactly how important it is to get this transaction right!  That is why I teamed up with long-time industry veteran, Patti Murphy, to create the definitive guide for selling your merchant residual portfolio."
-James Shepherd
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