Experienced Agent
Find The Right Processor
3 R's for Experienced Bankcard Reps

#1 - Resources

How much of your time are you spending on customer service, tech support, installs, etc?  As an experienced payments professional, you have a valuable skill.  You should find a processor that will provide you with the infrastructure which allows you to focus your time on prospecting and growing your portfolio.

#2 - Residuals

Are your residuals protected?  What if your current ISO / Processor is acquired or sells the business?  What if the ISO Owner passes away unexpectedly?  I have worked with hundreds of agents who thought their residuals were secure. But they discovered they had the wrong processor.  Don't let this happen to you.

#3 - ROI (Return on Investment)

You are a recognized payments expert.  This means larger deals will begin to come your way.  If you want to capitalize on them, you need a processing partner that is willing to get creative in order to close the sale.  This may mean a large equipment purchase or IT development.  Make sure you have a partner that is ready to get creative to bring the larger, more profitable deals over the finish line.