How to sell merchant services in 6 simple steps.
Implement proven strategies for merchant sales success.  This short eBook contains a 6 step process that has worked for hundreds of merchant sales professionals.
Get Answers to Questions Like...
How can I Increase my commission?
By following these 6 steps, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of merchant accounts you sell and the commission you make!
How should I prospect?
Many agents simply don't know what actions will give them the best results.  In this eBook I cover the prospecting strategies that work in this industry.  Follow them and your sales will increase!
How can I Close more deals?
Selling merchant services involves closing small business owners.  This is a skill that many sales people struggle with who have been successful in other sales roles.  Learn a 3 step closing process that works!
note from the author
" I have personally sold hundreds of merchant accounts and I have trained over 2,000 sales professionals in this industry.  I have seen these 6 steps repeated over and over again by top sales professionals in the merchant services industry.  I hope you will read this eBook and follow the steps!"
-James Shepherd
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